I'm Erika. I am a lover of life and a teller of stories.

For some years now I've had the sense that, like the emotional equivalent of Benjamin Button, I am growing up backwards. I reached my peak level of cynicism in my mid twenties. However, now that I am quickly approaching my mid thirties I am  far more likely to be optimistic, see a silver lining, and give the benefit of the doubt, than ever before in my time here on earth. While cable news may successfully scare many into loyal viewership with stories of epidemics, mass destruction, and general deterioration of the human race; I would argue that life on earth is far more balanced, multi-dimensional, and complex than any news anchor would have you believe. I would argue that there is more than enough goodness in the day-to-day of the average individual to counter act any evil. There always has been goodness, and there always will be. No matter the crisis du jour, Mamas will love their babies, the sun will paint the sky at dusk, flowers will bloom in spring, and families will take solace in the coziness of their homes and time spent together. All around the world, life continually brings us newness, humanity is still humane (in the grand scheme), and it is all connected. My images are not about blind optimism, but they are about reclaiming a balance in a world determined to focus on the worst case scenario.

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